Sergey Karitonov with the trainers at Superpro

Successful training camp for Sergey Karitonov in Thailand

To prepare for his fight at Bellator, Russian kickboxing and MMA star; Sergey Karin travelled again to Koh Samui, to start preparing himself at Muay Thai and MMA resort Superpro Samui.

Sergey did not came alone but also brought some very big names in the martial arts industry to help him prepare. Nobody else then former K-1 superstar Alexy Ignashov and Zambit Samedov travelled with him and stayed at Superpro Samui for a few weeks to help Sergey prepare but also to train themselves.

At Superpro Samui we have people from all levels training. People loved to see the real professionals at work and they all got some nice opportunities to take a picture with one of these super stars and some people even got the chance to train with them.

This is one of the nice things you see happen in this sport and at Superpro Samui. You see a big contrast in the level of the people training at Superpro Samui, but everybody shows respect and gets along well. You can see professional fighters like Sergey Karitonov who comes here to prepare for a fight and you can see people that never trained before and just come to thailand to lose weight or to learn the basics of Muay Thai.

After weeks of hard training Sergey Karitonov stepped in the cage of Bellator March 30th to face the American Chase Gormley. Sergey was able to knock him out in the first round. Everybody at Superpro Samui would like to congratulate Sergey with this great victory.