MMA trainers and their students

Muay Thai Camp or MMA Camp in Thailand for everyone.

If you compare the atmosphere between Muay Thai gyms 20 years ago with now you see a huge difference. Twenty years ago the gyms were full with tough looking people, preferably with bodies covered with tattoo’s and all with just one aspiration and that is to become a fighting Machine in the boxing ring.

Now things have changed. More people have become fascinated by the beautiful art of Muay Thai. Besides the fascination of the sport people also start realizing the benefits sports like Muay Thai and MMA have to offer. Sports like Muay Thai and MMA are not only beautiful fighting arts but they are also very effective in burning fat, losing weight, getting fit and offers many other health benefits. With these benefits in mind you slowly different type of faces in the different Muay Thai camps.

What we at Superpro Samui think is important is that we also need to act on this movement of types of guests visiting Muay thai camps like ours. For that reason we train our trainers to guide our clients in accomplishing their personal goals. For us it is very important that our trainers know that not everybody comes here with the same goal. Not everybody comes here to start fighting in the ring for a living. Some people do not even wish to fight or even to spar. Every goals need a different approach and this is something were we at Superpro Samui try to put our focus on. Managing partner Robbie Timmers explains: ” We have people like UFC fighter Alistair Overeem, Glory fighter Hesdy Gerges, Bellator World Champion Denise Kieholz, Boxing Champ David Haye and even Movie actor Idris Elba visiting our place. But besides people like them we also have house mothers, business man, or other people who never touched a glove before in their life. More and more people are seeing the benefits of these martial arts and now it is our job to make sure those benefits become visible for our customers”

For every martial arts fan it is great to see the sport as fast as this. Only by practicing Muay thai or MMA you see the art as it is. And the more people start seeing it the more the sport will benefit from it. Sport unites people and at Superpro Samui we think we are a visible evidence of that. We have so many different people training here but the atmosphere is always good. No matter what your level is, no matter who you are outside. In our ring everybody is the same. ” It is just great to see people literally change during their stay in our Muay Thai Camp here in Thailand. We see people losing wait, getting stronger winning fights, build up confidence. It is a very satisfying feeling that our business can bring our guest such valuable results.” Robbie Timmers explains.

So do not feel intimidated or be afraid. The classes and lessons at Superpro Samui are really designed for all levels. You don’t need to be fit or strong in order to visit us. You just need to have some willpower and a goal and we will give you all the tools we can to help you accomplish those goals.