Muay thai and MMA are no longer a sport for people who want to fight. These sports have much more benefits in terms of losing weight and getting fit. Superpro Samui offers muay thai, mma and fitness classes in Koh Samui, Thailand that are designed for all levels. We can let everybody enjoy the health benefits while learning muay thai or MMA in Thailand. It is a great and fun way of exercising.

Superpro Samui is tucked away down a quiet street, amongst tall coconut palm trees and lush jungle foliage, making it a perfect training environment for Muay Thai, Mma and Fitness, away from traffic noise and tourists. You will find the required peace you need for your training regime.

We are also only a short distance from the island’s best beach in Koh Samui’s main area, Chaweng, making us the ideal location for your stay on Samui. You will find the convenience of the island’s best bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping, boxing stadium, sand beach access, right in easy travel distance from your training camp and resort.

Superpro Samui has opened her doors for all levels and ages and can help everyone accomplish their personal goals. Whether you are a professional who comes to prepare for a Muay Thai or MMA fight or a total beginner that just wants to learn some technics, everybody is welcome at Superpro Samui.

Superpro Samui - Professional Muay Thai Camp & MMA Training ResortYou have all-hours access to the gym and can train as much as you need to. Superpro Samui has a full weights gym, cardio machines, boxing gym, 4 Muay Thai Boxing Rings and a Mixed Martial Arts MMA Cage, a pool and more. You can hit the bags or spar with other students as much as your personal training requires. Superpro Samui keeps on expanding and updating their facilities with the best training equipment there is on the market. Rather you come to train Muay Thai, MMA, Yoga and Fitness. At Superpro Samui we make sure you always have the best facilities to get the maximum out of your training, no matter what your level is.

After your training session, relax back in the resort pool, soak up the ambiance of our private location or head to the beach for some downtime.

Benefits of training
Muay Thai and/or MMA
at Superpro Samui:

– Losing weight
– Get fit
– Build up stamina
– Build up confidence
– Improving your way of breathing
– Improving your balance
– Learn to defend yourself
– Have fun
– Meet new people


First time to Thailand? Don’t worry, we can help you with any and all information you need. From finding local post offices and pharmacies, motorbike and car rental, understanding Thai customs and culture, to providing Visa advice for your required length of stay.

There’s no stress about holidaying or living on an island in Thailand and certainly no shortage of people who can help you out. Koh Samui is a beautiful Island, full with very friendly people and our team is available to answer all your questions. Don’t worry about getting last because most of the people speak English here and Superpro Samui is the Main Muay Thai camp in Koh Samui, so everybody can point you in the right direction.

Please drop by our Contact page for any further enquiries regarding your trip to Thailand. We’re looking forward to meeting you and having you stay in Thailand’s #1 Muay Thai Martial Arts Camp, MMATraining Center and Fitness Resort.


Superpro Samui is located in Chaweng Beach on Thailand’s beautiful Koh Samui. We are easily found on the Main Ring Road in Chaweng just South of the ‘Bangkok Hospital Samui’ and just North of where the Beach Road meets the Ring Road. Look out for the ‘Superpro Samui’ sign on the same side of the Ring Road as the Hospital, this will lead you up a small street and direct you to our resort complex.

You can get familiar with the Island on the interactive Google Map below. If you have any troubles with locations, give us a call on +6677-414-393.

If you are on Koh Samui, please drop by and check us out. Feel free to look around the resort, check out the gym, our pool and our rooms and we are sure you will be convinced that Superpro Samui is the place where you can accomplish your personal goals. And we will help you do that.

For a full rundown on sessions and times, check out the Gym Timetable and Prices page. Or for Resort rooms and prices, visit the Accommodation Prices page. For any further information or enquiries, drop by the Contact page and send us a message


Superpro Samui is not just a Koh Samui Muay Thai Camp. Superpro Samui is a Muay Thai / MMA and Fitness Resort. Superpro Samui gives people the unique opportunity to combine a sports and holiday. Train in the morning, go to the beach in the afternoon and maybe train for a second time that day in our excellent training complex. Inside are two Muay Thai rings and one MMA cage. Outside is the bag training area where you are trained by national and international professional top-trainers and ex-stadium champions. Further we provide fitness and cardio facilities in an airconditioned area. Besides this you have the opportunity to enjoy a delightful breakfast or lunch made by our cook. For everybody, if you are not in preparation for a fight, we can also recommend Chaweng’s nightlife or the amazing beaches, restaurants and spa’s Koh Samui has to offer.


Superpro Samui is set in Chaweng, in the centre of Koh Samui. There’s a lot to do besides training all week. This varies from going out taking a sunbath at the pearl white beaches of Koh Samui. Further on there are a lot of attractions and sporting things to do on the island. You can visit at least 5 Koh Samui Muay Thai events a week in Chaweng in the special Muay Thai temples. Thailand is well known for the hospitality of their people, the fantastic kitchen and their massages. The price for a massage is about 5 euros an hour. In Chaweng you can find almost every kind of international food at a reasonable price. Superpro Samui makes it possible to combine training with, but it also enables fighters, like our own top fighters, to prepare themselves for an important fight. Superpro Samui is able to teach Muay Thai or MMA to people from all levels. It does not matter how much experience you have, we can always help you accomplishing your goals. Superpro Samui is the Main Muay thai gym in Koh Samui Thailand. If you never put on gloves before or if you want to prepare for your next fight. Superpro Samui is the Muay Thai camp in Thailand where you have to be.


Remon Daalder - Superpro Samui

Remon Daalder - Co Founder

Remon Daalder has been active in the kickboxing industry for more then 20 years. He was one of the 3 people behind the successful company It’s Showtime. Together with his partners he build It’s Showtime to the biggest promotional organisations of kickboxing in Europe. Besides organizing big kickboxing events all over Europe, Remon Daalder also managed the best kickboxers in the world under the flag of It’s Showtime and his company Blacklabel FIghting. A few years ago It’s Showtime was sold to Glory Sports International and Remon became a shareholder in It’s Showtime and was hired for his expertise. Now a days Remon is together with Cor Hemmers responsible for the Fightcard and all talents of Glory Sports International.

Together with Edwin van OS, Remon founded Superpro Samui in 2006

Remons huge amount of experience and network of the fighting industry creates great value for Superpro Samui, so we can continue building this company to the ultimate training center for everybody.

Edwin Van Os - Superpro Samui

Edwin Van Os - Co Founder

Edwin Van Os has a very succesfull career as kickboxing trainer and gym owner behind of him. With Gym Alkmaar Edwin van Os created one of the best gyms in Holland and was responsible for the successes of many great Kickboxing champions. Edwin is a very ambitious person so is always looking for new challenges. It’s Showtime was one of these challenges and Edwin became partner of It’s Showtime and helped It’s Showtime become the biggest promoter of kickboxing events in Europe.

When It’s Showtime was sold Edwin successfully jumped in the market and founded yet another company called Enfusion. With Enfusion Edwin produces kickboxing events all around the world . With 12 events a year Enfusion is becoming a statement in the kickboxing industry. Besides kickboxing events Edwin also produces Kickboxing reality shows. Most of these Shows are recorded at Superpro Samui and give a huge boost to the recognition of the kickboxing sports.

In 2006 Edwin and Remon Daalder founded Superpro Samui. Edwin keeps on sharing his knowledge, experience and network with Superpro Samui to continue building this company.

Robbie Timmers - Superpro Samui

Robbie Timmers - Managing Partner

Graduated from his Master Degree in Enterpreneurship at The Erasmus University in Holland. His love for Martial arts started when he started Muay Thai and MMA at the Famous Fighting Factory Carbin gym of Lucien Carbin. Not much later he started his first company called fighttalk. Fighttalk was an online martial arts magazine and became the biggest in The Netherlands. From there he opened a shop for boxing equipment (Fight ’n Style), his own Boxing brand (STB Fightgear) and organised events (Beatdown).

In 2008 Edwin and Remon offered him an opportunity to join the team in Koh Samui with Superpro Samui. Together with Remon, Edwin and the entire team he kept on building Superpro Samui till the company it is today. When he was offered the opportunity to became a partner of Superpro Samui he did not had to think long. Together with Remon and Edwin they are the perfect team to make Superpro Samui, the best martial arts gym in the world.